Our team shoots each event with multiple cameras. We offer to do both photography and videography for both groom and bride. We create 4k DVD's, Blu-ray discs, and digital albums. The celebrations we do are engagements, weddings, receptions, anniversary, birthday parties, and lohri celebration. We also do pre-wedding photoshoots for guest-books and pre-wedding music. We also do photoshoots for special life-time events which incudes family posters. Also there is no cost for these photos.

We also offer same- day highlights and next- day highlights. We post the same-day highlights and next-day highlights online for free. We also post the full video(s) on your event online for free as well. An additional item for reception parties we use a crane camera which has no cost.

About Jaswinder Uppal

I am a photographer and videographer who has 20 plus years of experience. I started Uppal Digital Studio in Nurmahal, India back in 1990. I came to California in 1998 and started Uppal Digital Studio here in Yuba City, California. We have a crew here in California and back in India.